So it’s quite a big line-up with all major gaming manufacturers pitching in with its own option of gaming headsets. Usually it is wise to run for the hills when a headset promises audio that goes ‘past’ 7.1, but Creative’s SBX digital surround know-how works fantastically, tricking your ears into believing they’re hearing greater than eight speakers around them through the use of just one 50mm driver per ear and digitally interpolating a sound area around your head.

The X4 is specifically designed to work with the Xbox 360 solely however the receiver/transmitter has digital optical input and output which allow connection to a home theatre system in addition to common analog left and proper inputs from something easy equivalent to a TV. The wireless headphones have an automatic shut off to prevent battery drain and incorporates a bass boost characteristic.

Combines the audio high quality and comfort of a professional gaming headset with all the implications and 3D positional accuracy of multi-speaker 5.1 encompass sound speaker 30 eight mm in diameter with high-end audio system Neodymium Magnet: front channel, encompass, middle channel and a subwoofer channel speakersCondenser Microphone Frequency response: 50Hz – Power 15kHzAmplifier (all eight channels):> ​​100mW rms @ THD, Ear Force Z6a PC Gaming Headset with Multi-Speaker 5.1 Surround Sound.

The controls for the sport takes awhile before you get used to, at first the controls feels very stiff and hard to deal with, one of the causes is that it’s a must to stand still in an effort to shoot together with your gun or rifle, this takes some apply before you can grasp, so the start of the sport was a bit frustrating for me and my girlfriend.

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