The Coming of Age, world-saving point for Artificial Intelligence is here

The human mind is an awesome creative machine that has created many things which were previously unimaginable, one of the most important amongst which is Artificial Intelligence. Not only do we think and solve many of our own daily problems but our scientists and IT experts have also taught computers how to think and solve problems much more complex and vast than our personal ones.

Before the existence of AI, people were making rules for machines to follow and function under, but now we give problems to machines to solve and learn from on their own. Today’s AI is very near the peak of the mountain point and from there on it will be integrated on a large scale across a plethora of platforms and devices like sensors and systems and the internet of things which will lead to AI becoming impactful in all industries imaginable.

One of the factors that have contributed to its rapid acceleration is the generation and spread of massive amounts of data from one place to another unlike ever before. Over the next 5 years it’s estimated that the amount of data we create is set to increase by 36% in compound annual growth, reveals Heath Terry of Goldman Sachs Research.

The second prominent power that has lifted AI off from the labs and into the offices of technology companies and other industries like transportation and security is the surge in the machine’s computing power. The enormous computing power of our times has made it possible for us to be able to obtain the answers we need from our computers in near to real time, making the endeavors economically sensible.

With that, the ethics of technology development have also vastly changed. Open sourced algorithms allow developers today to build on the work of other programmers in a way that they haven’t before in the past. AI has already seeped into the conveniences of daily life like our smart home devices and mobile phones using Alexa or Siri. We see traffic navigation and Facebook’s photo tagging mechanisms using AI to make our procedures simpler and faster.

Some of the upcoming fields in which AI is set to bring about a great change is health and medicine. This is already being done through sensors which are aimed at fast diagnosis, leaving behind doctors whether its lung cancer’s visual scanning or sniffing out colon cancer compounds in the breath. Medicine and drug testing are also becoming remarkably fast.

Last week researchers from a San Francisco-based startup AtomWise published their research paper that showed how their artificial intelligence system can shorten the amount of drug discovery time from months to just days. This AI-powered technology speeds up the early drug discovery phase by analyzing how various molecules interact. The software independently learns about these molecular interactions by detecting patterns in a similar way to how AI learns to recognize images. The company used IBM’s fast data processors to compute their data, something which would have taken a laptop 10000 years to do. The software by AtomWise has already helped in the creation of medicines for Ebola and multiple sclerosis.

Artificial Intelligence, beyond assisting researchers, is now on the cusp of changing and possibly saving the world as announced by one company, DeepMind, an AI development startup which was obtained by Google in 2014.  Mustafa Suleman, the Syrian co-founder and the head of applied AI in the company describes their mission as that of “solving intelligence”.  The company based the way they build AI on the same concept as the essence of human intelligence and problem-solving. In his talk last year, Suleman said that the purpose of his company is to use intelligence to make the world a better place.

Their exquisite systems have already defeated the world’s best Go player at his own game and their self-teaching autonomous car navigated all by itself around the London underground in October. However, their focus is now on bigger things like clean water, climate change, and availability of food.

They have started their mission by efficiently reducing Google’s data center usage of electricity for cooling by an astounding 40%, with the help of machine learning. As globally data centers consume 3% of all the energy it means that DeepMind’s intelligent and efficient system is aiding in more than just cutting down electricity costs for its parent company, instead, it’s potentially reducing the burden on the climate and helping in lessening the threat climate change poses to our planet.  By taking the idea to the national grid, their impact can be enhanced tenfold.

Suleman is also directing his organization’s capabilities towards the betterment of healthcare with NHS for real-time tracking of data through the app called Streams. With that, the company is working in collaboration with University College Hospital London to automate the examination of CT scans and with Moorfields Eye Hospital to detect eye blinding diseases earlier.

Google, however, is not the only one that believes that artificial intelligence can help save the world. Facebook’s CTO Mike Schroepfer also trusts that with the power that AI is soon to be equipped with, it can solve issues of the magnitude of the entire planet.

However with the power comes responsibility, which has been the pinnacles of every debate conducted on the topic. All innovators are equally concerned about the ethical concerns which would need to be addressed before machines are given the ability to make decisions for us. Hence resulted in the formation of OpenAI, a billion dollar effort of entrepreneurs including Elon Musk who want to create AI that benefits humanity. Yet, whether its self-driving trucks speeding away for hours until they come across a wrongly passing human or it’s using AI in giving criminal suspects sentences, the ethicality of AI decision making is yet to be answered.

Regardless of the challenges that surround the proper usage of the technology, we know that we are heading towards better, faster and more intelligent AI. Now with that certainty, what is left to see for us is how it improves and affects our life in ways we can and maybe can’t imagine.…

Secrets To Easily Record Video On Mac

If you think that you need special skill to record video on Mac? You get it wrong. In fact, the thing that makes recording video on Mac a daunting task, it is because you don’t know how to record video on Mac easily. You can learn that skill later on, but beforehand ensure you consider Movavi Mac video recorder app. The best thing about Movavi app, all of them is designed for users with zero skill. Using this app, you can record any desktop activity that you want, such as, Skype calls, your favorite streaming movies, and some other more. And with three easy steps to follow, you can record any kind of video that you want. Not to mention, you also can screen shot the video while you are capturing it.

Using the Movavi video recorder for Mac, first, assure that the application is set properly on your Mac. So then you can choose the frame rate based on the file size that you want and you can as well set the area where you want to capture the video, and plenty more. Second, on this stage you can capture any desktop activity that you want. In order to make your work simpler, hot keys really are useful to help you managing the recording process. And then adjust the timer to let the app records the video automatically.

Third, probably, there is certain part of the video that you think you need to be trimmed. It is not necessary for you to repeat the process, since you can trim the video prior saving it. Speak of saving the videos, you are able to convert your video in different formats that you favor. There is also mobile presets menu that can be used to transfer the video to your mobile device. The addition of SuperSpeed mode as part of the Movavi video recorder for Mac, you can save the video within seconds. For your information, Movavi offers free video recorder for Mac that you can download from their website. And if you feel satisfied from its free version, imagine if you have the paid version.…

Using Technology to Pop the Question

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Microchip as Adopted on Modern Entertainment

How would you enjoy the modern time with today’s great offers in technology advancement? Indeed, is ideal to collect definite info regarding electronics and related advancements. You might be surprised with the facts that gadgets shall connect you to people in remote area through cloud system. In the same line, you can turn on TV without approaching the set. The access to global world is opening now. So, the point is that you understand technology brings positive reinforcements to human race. As such, you could get the points.

It is not necessary to adopt things you don’t understand. But, information is easily gathered now on. You can visit a site and you shall find detailed explanation regarding the current innovation. For individuals, it is not necessary to visit a theater to watch the new released movie. Entertainment is available on your hand. You can use your I-Pad or android to access different types of amusements.

Microchip on Entertainments

Life can be complicated as there is no single technology innovation seen by human race. The coming of internet shall bring great things to modern society. The feasibility to enjoy different points in every life is greater. It is not necessary to walk far away to purchase drugs or cakes. You can use delivery system, either at local or regional location. As a matter of fact, it is the technology which makes it possible. And, you can enjoy your modern time better.

The use of hybrid system in entertainment is feasible. The great offer on technology advancement shall bring positive impact. You only need to take your chance right away. The use of advanced electronic is one point of modern life. Finally, hybrid TV shall bring greater satisfaction toward viewers. And, you can enjoy this mode of amusement much more comforting which shall lead to happiness.…

Good Ways on How to Recover Deleted Files on Mac

How shall you improve the performance in the office? You shall find Disk Drill Media Recovery effective to retrieve the lost files. It is necessary to find effective tool which you can utilize at any point of time. This means you have to make definite adjustment which is directed to stability of the administration. Surely, today’s business is not separated from the application of computer or related gadget. This is in line with information technology which relies more on the use of software and related applications.
There is greater chance of that the facility should be reliably handled. As you are serious, it might be significant to adjust the best choice of application for Mac operation. As the device online connected, there is no hurdle to keep everything on the point. As such, it is ideal to get the right provider which you can reach early point.
Recovering the Lost Files
The representation of the provider is necessary. At least, this gives you definite chance which you can access anytime. For long, lost data can be annoying. At one point, it takes time to work the job again. On the other hand, the energy to recover the lost files can be expensive. And, it should be anticipated as soon as possible.…